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Our world has a long history in design and construction of piping systems and pipelines. They are widely used in many fields and services such as power plant, chemical & petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, oil and gas industry, offshore and marine industry, food processing industry, pulp and paper industry, sewage treatment system, water supply project, agriculture, as well as utilities, etc. The piping & pipeline technology has been progressing along with the evolution and development of material science and mechanical engineering. For example, either the advent of plastic or the improvements in steel making and welding technology has profoundly affected the engineering of piping and pipeline. Besides, both the engineering of the project and the supply of piping materials or equipment shall be done in accordance with relative standard specifications or Codes.

Oil pipeline

A typical pipeline for petroleum transportation.

The words “piping” and “pipeline” are synonyms despite of some tiny differences. “Pipeline” refers to a conduit of pipe, especially one used for the conveyance of water, gas, or petroleum, etc. It generally extends for a very long distance either above ground or underground. For example, the large-diameter pipelines for the transportation of petroleum and natural gas may be constructed across rivers, country borders, seas and oceans, or even continents. “Piping” refers to a system of pipes and piping components. It not only includes an aggregate of various piping materials & components, but also indicates the structure or layout of the piping system within a constrained space, such as a chemical plant. This aggregate includes pipes, tubes, fittings, flanges, valves, pressure vessels, bolting, gaskets, other pressure-containing components, equipment, as well as pipe hangers and supports, etc.

A process piping system

A process piping system in a chemical plant.

The design, construction, operation, and maintenance of various piping systems and pipelines involve understanding of piping fundamentals, materials, generic and specific design considerations, procurement and supply management, fabrication and installation, examination, testing and inspection requirements, in addition to miscellaneous international and national standards and Codes. This is exactly what we do.


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    We have been dedicating ourselves to piping and pipeline engineering since the inception. The company provides integrated solution to package supply of various piping & pipeline materials, components, and equipment.


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