The supply of piping & pipeline component and equipment, which can be classified into 6 categories: pipe and tube, flange and fitting, fastener and gasket, valve and pump, base material, pressure vessel and equipment.

SJZ Metalsin Tech Co Ltd (formerly known as “Shijiazhuang Metalsin Pipeline Tech Co., Ltd“) is a proud and rigorous supplier in piping and pipeline industry. Our goal is to explore the piping and pipeline engineering world with expertise and enthusiasm, integrating safety and reliability, providing cost-effective solution with rapid delivery service. The exceptional R&D capability of our technical team may definitely help clients to solve problems during all processes of engineering, procurement, construction, operation, and maintenance.

The piping component and equipment we supply cover a comprehensive range of metal and non-metal materials, especially that metal can be further classified as ferrous and nonferrous. The products may be furnished in miscellaneous forms such as pipe, tube, flange, fitting, valve, pump, bolt, nut, washer, screw, rivet, gasket, base material (bar, rod, wire, plate, sheet, strip, profile, etc), pressure vessel (tank, heater, boiler, heat exchanger, evaporator, superheater, column, tower, condenser, cooler, reactor, etc), and other equipment. They can be either fabricated in accordance with relative standards or Codes (ASME, ASTM, API, AWWA, MSS, NOSOK, EN, DIN, BS, JIS, SABS, AS, GOST, GB, HG/T, etc), or custom-designed.


    We have been dedicating ourselves to piping and pipeline engineering since the inception. The company provides integrated solution to package supply of various piping & pipeline materials, components, and equipment.


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