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The application of various piping materials: oil & gas industry, power plant, offshore and marine, chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry, pulp and paper industry, food processing, solar energy, utilities (water supply, sewage treatment, natural gas transportation, heat supply, fire extinguishing system), etc.

ASTM A203 Gr.D Plates for Ethane Storage Tanks

The ethane gas is an important petrochemical product which is widely existing in natural gas and petroleum. Since the boiling point of ethane is -88.6°C, the storage of liquefied ethane gas requires low-temperature or cryogenic pressure vessels. Generally, it is stored in spherical storage tanks made from ASTM A203 Gr.D (3.5% nickel steel) plates, which exhibit excellent impact toughness at …

ASTM A203 Gr.D Plates for Methanol Scrubbers

The ASTM A203 Grade D pressure vessel plates are widely used for the construction of methanol scrubber columns, which a key facility in many petrochemical and coal chemical projects. Grade D of ASTM A203/ ASME SA-203 has the nominal composition of 3.5% nickel hence is called “3.5% nickel steel” or “3.5Ni steel”. The UNS number is K31718 with P number …

ASTM A182 F5 Forgings for ASME B31.1 Power Piping

Piping materials made from ASTM A182 Gr. F5 forgings can be used for power piping which is designed in accordance with ASME B31.1. The forged fittings may be furnished as tee, reducer, elbow, cross, end cap, weld outlet, flange, or other piping components. ASTM A182 F5 has the nominal composition of 5Cr-0.5Mo with P number of 5B. The maximum allowable …

ASTM A269 Tubing Used for ASME B31.3

For grades of austenitic stainless steel tubing, made from ASTM A269 TP304, TP304L, TP316 or TP316L, can be used for process piping applications designed according to ASME B31.3. In other words, grades TP304, TP304L, TP316, TP316L are the listed materials of Code ASME B31.3: TP304 – UNS S30400, TP304L – UNS S30403, TP316 – UNS S31600, TP316L – UNS S31603. …

ASTM A240 304/304L Plates | Acetic Acid Corrosion Data

Acetic Acid: Properties & Applications Acetic acid, CH3COOH, also known as ethanoic acid or vinegar acid, is a clear, colorless liquid or crystalline mass with a pungent odor, a melting point of 16.7°C, and a boiling point of 118.1°C. It is miscible with water, alcohol, and ether, and it crystallizes in deliquescent needles. Acetic acid, as well as its derivatives, …

SS 304/304L Cast Valves | Petroleum Corrosion Data

Petroleum Corrosion Resistance Data Stainless steel 304/304L cast valves denote valves with body and bonnet made of ASTM A351 Gr. CF8 or Gr. CF3 high-alloy austenitic castings. Both CF8 (304) and CF3 (304L) have the same nominal composition 18Cr-8Ni but different UNS designation, J92600 and J92500, respectively. The main difference is that CF3 has much lower carbon content. Another conventional …

Postweld Heat Treatment for ASTM A335 P11 pipes

Construction Codes & Significance Seamless pipes made of low-alloy steel ASTM A335 Grade P11 can be used for power piping (ASME B31.1) or process piping (ASME B31.3) at elevated temperatures. After joining the two ASTM A335 P11 pipes together by a welding process, postweld heat treatment (PWHT) is required. The PWHT is used to avert or relieve the detrimental effects …

ASTM A335 P11 Used for ASME B31.3 Process Piping

Allowable Stresses for ASTM A335 Gr. P11 The ASTM A335 Gr. P11 seamless pipes, with nominal chemical composition of “1.25Cr-0.5Mo” or “1.25Cr-0.5Mo-Si”, can be used for ASME B31.3 process piping. The ASME B31.3 Code has designated ASTM A335 Gr. P11 as a listed material and provided the basic allowable stresses in tension at various temperatures. Allowable stresses in shear shall …

ASTM A335 P11 Used for ASME B31.1 Power Piping

ASME B31.1 is the Code for power piping, which is typically piping typically found in electric power generating stations, in industrial and institutional plants, geothermal heating systems, and central and district heating and cooling systems. It has designated ASTM A335 Gr. P11 seamless pipes as the listed material in Table A-2. The ASTM A335 P11 has the nominal chemical composition …

ASTM A192 Tubes Used for Sugar Cane Bagasse Boilers

The cane sugar is usually extracted from sugar cane in a process that generates huge amount of bagasse. The bagasse is the dry pulpy fibrous residue that remains after sugarcane is crushed to extract their juice. So in a word, it is bio-waste. Fortunately, it can be used as a biofuel for the production of heat, energy, and electricity, and …

ASTM A179 Tubes Used for Amine Heat Exchangers & Coolers

Amine solutions are widely used in desulphurization and decarbonization process in fossil-fueled thermal plant, natural gas purification plant, coal chemical industry, and ammonia industry. The most common facilities are lean/rich amine heat exchangers and lean amine coolers, the tube pass of which is usually constructed by ASTM A179 seamless tubes. These tubes are made from ASTM A179 low carbon steel …

ASTM A178 ERW Tubes Used for HRSG

The HRSG (heat recovery steam generator) is an essential device/ system in the construction of thermal power plant. Shijiazhuang Metalsin has supplied ERW boiler tubes made of ASTM A178 Grade C to a power plant in Indonesia. The tubes are used for construction of a superheater of the HRSG system.


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