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Various mechanical equipment & electrical equipment for piping and pipeline systems: heat exchanger, heater, superheater, evaporator, condenser, cooler, steam converter, steam generator, chemical columns, chemical tower, boiler, scrabbler, reheater, electric motors, actuators, transformer, electrical fittings, thermowells, electrodes, gauges, and other electrical machinery, etc.

Rubber Expansion Joints

Definition & Applications A rubber expansion joint is an arch-type flexible non-metallic connector fabricated from natural or synthetic rubber and fabrics, usually with metal reinforcements, to isolate vibration and noise and provide stress relief in piping systems caused by thermal changes, mechanical vibration and other system movements. Generally, it shall be designed & fabricated in accordance with ASTM F1123 and …

Rotary Expansion Joint | Rotary Compensator

Construction & design characteristics Rotary expansion joints, also known as rotary compensators, originate from slip type expansion joints. Generally, as illustrated in Figures 1-1 & 1-2, they are constructed by a set of components including (1) rotary sleeve, (2) packing & packing gland, (3) body sleeve, (4) anti-blowout retainer, (5) bolting, (6) butt-welding end connection. The rotary sleeve can rotate …

Ball Expansion Joint

Construction and function The advent of ball expansion joint can date back to 1960s when it was used to prevent deformation and damage of the piping in the event of earthquake and foundation subsidence. It is also called “piping gimbal joint” or “universal rotary joint”. The ball expansion joint basically consists of a socket-like joint body and ball with a …

Slip Expansion Joint | Sleeve Expansion Joint

The slip type expansion joint is a tubular piping expansion joint. It is also known as sleeve expansion joint or sleeve compensator. There is also a famous proprietary brand of slip expansion joint commercially available in market: Dresser® Style expansion joint. Slip type expansion joints are particularly suited for lines having straight-line (axial) movements of large magnitude. They cannot tolerate …

Expansion Joint | Piping Compensator

Once upon piping movements When the piping is constructed or installed, usually no movement is favorable since it would induce excessive stress in normal piping arrangements. However, thermal and mechanical movements, caused by various internal and/ or external factors, are generally inevitable in any piping system. The possible piping movements include axial compression/ contraction, axial extension/ expansion, lateral deflection, angular …

Heat Exchangers

What’s A Heat Exchanger? A heat exchanger is a heat-transfer device that is used for transfer of internal thermal energy between two or more fluids available at different temperatures. Whether the objective is to heat a liquid to a desired temperature or cool a product for final storage, the heat exchanger can accomplish both. It does not mix the two …


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