» Application » ASTM A203 Gr.D Plates for Ethane Storage Tanks

ASTM A203 Gr.D Plates for Ethane Storage Tanks

April 2, 2021

The ethane gas is an important petrochemical product which is widely existing in natural gas and petroleum. Since the boiling point of ethane is -88.6°C, the storage of liquefied ethane gas requires low-temperature or cryogenic pressure vessels. Generally, it is stored in spherical storage tanks made from ASTM A203 Gr.D (3.5% nickel steel) plates, which exhibit excellent impact toughness at the minimum low temperature of -101°C [-150°F].

A spherical ethane tank made of ASTM A203 Gr.D plates

A spherical ethane tank made of ASTM A203 Gr. D plates for SINOPEC. The plate manufacturer is WUSTEEL. Capacity: 3000 cubic meters; Design pressure: 1.77 MPa; Design temperature: -94°C; Design nominal thickness: 52 mm; Inside diameter: 18000 mm.

Plate rolling mill

The 4100mm rolling mill for ASTM A203 Gr.D plates in WUSTEEL.

Heat treatment furnace

The heat treatment furnace for 3.5% nickel steel plates.

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