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ASTM A515 Pressure Vessel Plates

November 20, 2019

ASTM A515/ A515M, identical with ASME SA-515/ SA-515M, is the standard specification for carbon-silicon steel plates primarily used for intermediate- and higher-temperature service in welded boilers and other pressure vessels. Hence, plates manufactured in accordance with ASTM A515, are also called as “intermediate-temperature pressure vessel plates” or “higher-temperature pressure vessel plates”. Plates under this specification are classified into three grades according to its minimum tensile strength ksi [MPa]: Grade 60 [ Grade 415], Grade 65 [Grade 450], Grade 70 [Grade 485]. The maximum thickness of the ASTM A515 plate is limited only by the capacity of the composition to meet the specified mechanical property requirements.

Chemical Composition Requirements

ASTM A515 Pressure Vessel Plates
ElementGr. 60Gr. 65Gr. 70
1"< t ≤2"0.270.310.33
2"< t ≤4"0.290.330.35
4"< t ≤8"0.310.330.35
*t: thickness of plate; *H.A.: heat analysis; *P.A.: product analysis; unit: %.

Tensile Requirements

ASTM A515*T.S.
*EL. 8"
min. %
*EL. 2"
min. %
Grade 60415–550
≥ 220
[≥ 32]
Grade 65450–585
≥ 240
[≥ 35]
Grade 70485–620
≥ 260
[≥ 38]
*T.S.: tensile strength; *Y.S.: yield strength; *EL. 8″: elongation in 8″; *EL. 2″: elongation in 2″.

Manufacture, Heat Treatment & Testing

The ASTM A515 steel plates shall be killed and made to a coarse austenitic grain size practice. The steel shall have a carburized austenitic grain size of 1 to 5, which imparts the property of intermediate- or higher-temperatures resistance to the steel. ASTM A515 steel plates 50 mm in thickness are normally supplied in the as-rolled condition. The plates may be ordered normalized or stress relieved, or both. Plates over 50 mm in thickness shall be normalized.

ASTM A515 Grade 65 steel plates

ASTM A515 Grade 65 steel plates for the construction of pressure vessels. Manufacturer: Bao Steel.

Applicable tests for each heat lot of ASTM A516 plates: chemical analysis, tension test, high-temperature tension test, charpy V-notch impact test, drop-weight test, ultrasonic examination, magnetic particle examination, grain-size examination.

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