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Manufacture of ASTM A105 Flanges

September 4, 2019

Shijiazhuang Metalsin is a professional manufacturer of forged steel flanges and holds a large volume of ASTM A105 flanges available in stock. The entire manufacturing processes are presented as follow:

ASTM A105 square bars

Step-1: ASTM A105 square bars (billets) for the manufacture of forged flanges.

Step 1: raw material preparation. These A105 billets are procured from a prominent steel mill TISCO. The production process of the steel is under the supervision of TUV inspectors for 3.2 Certificate.

hacksaw cutting of steel bars

Step-2: hacksaw machine cutting of the ASTM A105 square bars.

Step 2: the A105 square bars shall be cut into appropriate length by a hacksaw machine.

Pre-forging heating

Step-3: pre-forging heating of the ASTM A105 steel bars.

Step-3: the cut A105 steel billets shall be preheated in the furnace to a temperature above the recrystallization temperature. The billets shall be soaked in the furnace for a time period long enough so that the entire material is completely heated.

die forging

Step-4a: die forging.

open-die forging

Step-4b: open-die forging

Step 4: as illustrated in Step-4a and Step-4b, die forging or open-die forging shall be performed for the fabrication of small-size or large-size ASTM A105 flanges, respectively. Since the forging is done immediately after the preheating above the recrystallization temperature, it is also known as hot forging or hot working. At the high temperature, the A105 material has a low strength and can be deformed readily.

CNC machining

Step-5a: CNC machining of A105 flanges.

bolt hole drilling

Step-5b: bolt hole drilling.

Step-5: the as-forged A105 flange shall be turned by a CNC machine. The drilling of bolt holes shall be performed subsequently to get proper dimensions in accordance with relative standard specifications such as ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, or EN 1092-1, etc.

Marking of flanges

Step-6: marking of ASTM A105 flanges.

Step-6: the marking process for ASTM A105 flanges. Typical marking shall include “brand name + size + class rating + material specification + standard specification + flange & facing type + heat number”.

black painting

Step-7: black painting for the flanges.

Step-7: proper coatings on the flange surface shall be conducted for corrosion-resistance purpose. The typical coating methods may be black painting, golden yellow painting, anti-rust oil coating, or galvanization.

flange packaging

Step-8: flange packaging.

The ASTM A105 flanges are generally packaged by sea-worthy firm plywood cases for delivery.

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