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Standard specifications and technical requirements for various valves and pumps.

Cast Iron Gate Valves: Gray Iron & Ductile Iron

Functions & Applications The cast iron gate valve, furnished with cast gray iron or ductile iron body and bonnet, is a linear-motion manual valve that uses a typically flat closure element perpendicular to the process flow, which slides into the flow stream to provide shutoff. It is designed primarily for on-off services as a block valve, where the valve is …

Butterfly Valves

What is the butterfly valve? Butterfly valves are valves in which the disc rorates around the valve stem to open and close. They use the disc as the closure element, the rotation angle is between 0° and 90°. The butterfly valve reaches maximum opening when disc is rotated to 90°. Butterfly valve is often used in the furnace, gas, natural …

Globe Valves

What is the globe valve? Globe valves are valves in which the shut-off piece moves along the center line of the seat. Globe valve is the most widely used type of valve, this type of valve is very suitable for cutting or adjusting and throttling, but also suitable for medium and low pressure. Design Standards & Scope of Application Globe …

Gate Valves

What is the gate valve? Gate valve is a linear-motion valve characterized by a body with a longer face-to-face that acommodates flow passages sufficiently long enough to ensure smooth flow through the valve without any sharp turns. Gate valve with the gate as opening and closing parts, the movement direction of the gate is perpendicular to the flow direction, gate …

Ball Valves

What is the ball valve? Ball valve is a kind of plug valve with a ball-shaped closure element. It can control the flow through it by using a hollow,  perforated and pivoting ball. It is open when the ball’s hole is in line with the flow and closed when it is pivoted 90-degrees by the valve handle. The handle lies …

Basic Knowledge of Valves

What is a valve? By definition, a valve is a device that controls the flow of a fluid. To be specific, it is a mechanical device designed to direct, start, stop, mix, or regulate the flow, pressure, or temperature of a process fluid. The “fluid” handled by a valve may be air, water, vapor, corrosive chemicals, slurry, oil, gas, liquid …


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