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Cast Iron Wafer Butterfly Valves | Without Pin, Single Shaft

January 2, 2022

Technical Drawing & Design Features

Drawing of wafer BFV without pin

The technical drawing of wafer type butterfly valve without pin.

Wafer type butterfly valves, either made of cast grey iron or ductile iron, can be further classified according to the way its disc is attached to the shaft. If the disc is attached to the shaft by using a through taper pin, it is called pinned disc or disc with pin; If the disc is attached to the shaft by profile connection rather than by using taper pins, as illustrated in the drawing above, it is called disc without pin or pinless disc. The wafer type butterfly valves without pin can be designed in compliance with ISO 5752, BS 5155, EN 593, DIN 3202, MSS SP 67, or API 609, etc. They are available in sizes DN50 to DN300 and are generally used for low pressure services. (1) The valve is furnished with a single through shaft that has a reduced diameter at one end. (2) The soft seat is made of rubber such as EPDM, NBR and Viton. The rubber may be lined to the valve body prior to vulcanization so that it adheres to the body internal surface firmly. (3) The valve is handle/ lever operated with position indicator and locking device. As a quarter-turn rotary-motion valve, it not only has 0° (fully closed) and 90° (fully open) for on-off services but also has 8 uniformly distributed other positions for throttling services. (4) Nickel plated ductile iron disc provides good resistance to corrosion and erosion with relatively low cost.

Pinned Disc Vs. Disc Without Pin

In the pinned disc design, both the disc and the shaft are drilled with a through hole. The taper pin inserts through the hole and firmly attaches the disc to the shaft by interference fit. It is shown at position A in the illustration below. The machining and assembly of a pinned disc are very easy and convenient. However, there are some disadvantages: (1) After prolonged service and frequent operation, the pin might be subject to cracking due to fatigue resulting in malfunction of the wafer butterfly valve. (2) Crevice corrosion might occur at the contact surfaces between the taper pin and the hole. It may further cause leakage at fully closed position or possible back seat leakage.

Pinned vs. Pinless

The illustration of pinned disc versus disc without pin design.

In conventional design, the “pinless” wafer butterfly valve also has a single through shaft. Instead of using a taper pin, the disc is designed without pin. A short length at the lower section of shaft (at position B in the illustration) is furnished with a pair of flat faces, which form “profile connection” with the disc bore that also has been machined to flat faces. The torque can be delivered from the shaft to the disc via this profile connection. This pinless design eliminates the disadvantages brought by a pinned disc. Besides, it can be replaced and assembled more conveniently. The lower section of shaft that extends downward from the profile connection has a reduced diameter. Thus, this conventional disc-without-pin design is limited to low-pressure services.

Material Selection & Dimensions

D.I. wafer BFV, pinless

Ductile iron wafer type butterfly valve without pin, handle operated with indicator & locking device, Ni-plated ductile iron disc, black coated.

Item No.Part NameMaterial Spec.
1BodyCast Iron
Ductile Iron
2Long BushingBronze, PTFE
3 & 3'ShaftSS 304, SS 316
SS 416, SS 431
Viton, PTFE
5DiscSS 304, SS 316,
Bronze, Al-Bronze
D.I. + Ni Plated
6Short BushingBronze, PTFE
8IndicatorC.S. + Galv.
9Handle LeverC.I., Aluminum
*Part number shall be in accordance with the technical drawing presented above.

*The bolting dimensions shall be in conformance to one of the international standards including BS 4504 PN10/PN16, BS 10 Table D/Table E, AS 2129 Table D/Table E, DIN 2501 PN10/PN16, JIS B2220 5K/10, ASME B16.1 Class 125 & ASME B16.42 Class 150, ISO 7005-2 PN10/PN16, ASME B16.5 Class 150.

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